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Our friend and inspiration died early December 23, 2013.  

To read a tribute to her, please CLICK HERE.

We will forever be inspired by her courage and joy of life.  

CLICK HERE for a video of Dulary's first swim at her new home in Tennessee.

Thank you for everything, Dulary.  


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Fall 2015 -  Breaking News!

Facility Holding Philadelphia Elephant Loses Affiliation with National Accreditation Agency Over Animal Care Standards 

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Fall 2013 - How's Bette?

Pittsburgh Zoo Under Fire for Alleged Mistreatment of Philadelphia Zoo Elephant

Read more HERE

Spring 2013 - Where's Bette? 

According to this November 2011 news release from the Philadelphia Zoo announcing Kallie's transfer to the Cleveland Zoo, elephant Bette was to remain at the breeding/holding facility called the International Conservation Center (ICC) and run by the Pittsburgh Zoo.

No photos, videos, or written updates have been provided about Bette for over one year. WHY NOT?

November 2011 Long-time Bonded Philly Elephant Pair Separated to Make Space for Young Breeding Elephants

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Inadequate Digs

The holding facility where Bette allegedly remains warehoused is run by employees of the Pittsburgh Zoo. Click HERE to watch video of Dayton Baker, facility manager describe the living conditions of Kallie and Bette, including his claim that elephants the age of Kallie and Bette (then 28 years old) are too old to play with toys like barrels and balls. 
Photo, left, shows Kallie and Bette in 2007 playing with a toy purchased and donated by Friends of Philly Zoo Elephants.
World Class?
When defending the July 2009 transfer of the elephants to the Pittsburgh Zoo's facility, Philadelphia Zoo officials described the elephant care at the Pittsburgh Zoo as "world-class."  Seven elephants are crammed into a 6600 sq. foot (less than 1/6 of an acre) cement barn. More info on the alleged world-class "elephant care" - CLICK HERE

Philly Zoo Director Vik Dewan's latest form letter response to concerns about Kallie and Bette - click HERE for the complete letter and our rebuttal (in red).

February 12, 2010  - Zoo officials announce Kallie and Bette are too unhealthy to be bred.  Click HERE for more information.

On July 8, 2009 Kallie and Bette were transferred to the Pittsburgh Zoo's breeding-holding facility during a late-night move.  No updates or video have been released of their arrival.  The Zoos finally allowed certain media and zoo supporters to view them on July 27, 2009.   Friends of Philly Zoo Elephants opposed the move - find out why HERE.

Jackson, the bull elephant, was kept inside the cement barn for three months straight when he moved in - read more about Jackson HERE.




December 1955 - June 9, 2008 

Read more about her sad life HERE. 

Video from Petal's last day HERE.

Petal tribute photos HERE.


KALLIE (photo, left)

Kallie is approximately 33 years old. 

She was born in Zimbabwe in 1982. She watched her family get killed in a mass culling and was shipped to the United States to work in circuses and zoos.

She  lived in the Philadelphia Zoo from approximately April 2004 to July 2009. Prior to that she was severely abused by her former owners. 

Each night when she lived at the Philadelphia Zoo - summer, fall, winter, spring - she was confined in a concrete barn the size of three double-car garages along with Bette (and Petal until she died).


BETTE (photo, right)

Bette is approximately 33 years old. 

She was born in Zimbabwe in 1982. She watched her family get killed in a mass culling and was shipped to the United States to work in circuses and zoos.

She lived in the Philadelphia Zoo from approximately April 2004 to July 2009. Not much is known about her past except that she was used in circuses and to give rides at the Philly Zoo, among other places. She is often observed displaying stereotypic behavior (abnormal, repetitive movements in response to severe confinment) as she does in this video taken at at the Zoo and in this video.

DULARY (photo, left)

d. December 23, 2013 (approximately 50 years old)

Dulary was born in Thailand but was taken from her family when she was less than a year old to be placed on exhibit and lived in the same quarter-acre exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo her entire life. Had she been allowed to stay in the wild, she probably would have given birth to several babies by now and would be enjoying the roles of sister, daughter, mother, aunt and perhaps even grandmother. Instead, she is confined a cramped and barren exhibit during the day and imprisoned inside a concrete barn at night. During the cold winter months, she spends days on end inside the concrete barn. The last time she walked on grass or anything other than hard, packed surfaces was when she was a baby in Thailand.



Dulary's life has inspired local humane educators to compose a presentation available to schools, groups and organizations - click HERE for more information!   

Head Elephant Trainer at Pittsburgh Breeding Facility "Friend and Mentor"

I  n interviews, Willie Theison (top trainer at the Pittsburgh Zoo and the breeding facility where the Philadelphia Zoo wants to send Kallie and Bette) glowingly refers to Allen Campbell, the trainer attacked and killed by elephant Tyke during a circus performance, as his "friend and mentor."

Watch Video of Tyke and Campbell CLICK HERE (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!)

Please watch this sad video of elephants Kallie and Bette taken in the last few weeks at the Philly Zoo - CLICK HERE.